Links & Google: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Wow, I have been so wrapped up in working on projects I have not posted anything since October 2013. That is pretty sad! The truth is both Google and all of my new clients in the real estate industry have kept me very busy, but I had to take a few minutes to write about all that has changed in SEO! October 2013 and the Hummingbird Propaganda Right about the time I wrote my last blog post back in October of 2013 Google has just launched their new algorithm, Hummingbird. At first in September no one really noticed anything, but by mid-October the elephant in the room could not be ignored; Google search had completely changed. Exact match keyword targeting and lengthy keyword rich onsite content suddenly did not have any teeth to it anymore. Websites with a home page with 50 words on it started out ranking established business websites with tons of great content, up was down and down was up. Essentially Google was broken and no SEO wanted to admit it. Instead I read tons of blog posts an

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